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Pearl on the Sea
Kalamit Bay spreads along the shore of modern Evpatoria for 50 kilometers of velvety sand. The swimming season begins here in the second half of May and lasts up to the middle of October. There are neither strong storms nor severe drops in temperature here. The smooth sandy bottom, falling-off gradually from the shore, makes Evpatorian beaches not only attractive for adults but also safe for children. This is one of the reasons for Evpatoria’s official status as an All-Ukrainian Children’s Health Resort and for its reputation as an accessible and high-quality family resort.
Modern Evpatoria’s character is a whimsical combination of tradition and newness. This is apparent everywhere - in the architecture, culture and everyday life of the city. It is an extraordinarily elegant city in springtime, the season of blossoming, when Evpatoria virtually drowns in greenery. While at the beginning of the last century you couldn’t hide from the hot sun on the street, the city is today justly proud of its nearly two hectares of fragrant green finery. Evpatoria is a city with a gentle sun. It is everywhere here: on the street, on the beach, in the sea and in the cafes and children’s health clinics. The city is bright and comfortable.
Come to Evpatoria and you will feel for yourself its hospitality and care and you will enjoy its charm: it seems that even after 2500 years, Evpatoria is enchanting, beautiful and young!
City Strolls
In the center of the resort region, Frunze Park stretches right along the Black Sea and is a favorite place for natives and guests alike for relaxation. Day or night, you will find many people here. This is a traditional place for concerts, festivals, athletic competitions and what is known as ‘public walking.’
The most recent years in Evpatoria have been a period of renovation for the seaside part of city. Duvanovska Street was the first to be reconstructed, then the Gorkova Esplanade, later Pioneer, Gogol and Frunze Streets. Tiles replaced the old asphalt. On Duvanovska Street, where pre-Revolutionary buildings are located, house facades have been updated using modern restoration technology.
How strangely hoary antiquity and the present are intertwined in Evpatoria! During the reconstruction of a portion of Duvanovska Street just opposite from the ethnography museum, workers excavated the ruins of a battlement and tower from ancient Kirkinitida. By order of town mayor A. Danilenko, the excavation was cleared away and covered with a transparent dome. Now there is a glass pyramid – a peculiar ‘flavor’ of Duvanovska - as though uniting antiquity, the early twentieth century and the present.
On this ‘new’ old street hundreds of vacationers happily stride seaward. And it is possible to take a ride down this street, but not in a car (the esplanade is closed to motor vehicles), rather, by rickshaw. This ‘Chinese’ type of transport came to Evpatoria in 2000. More than ten bicycles with checkerboard taxi signs call to weary travelers. Generally bicycles, one of the favored means of transportation by inhabitants of the resort town, are comfortable and sporty. And indeed if we are speaking about transport we must remark on the pride of Evpatoria: a single-track tram. No where else in Crimea has trams! But here there are four routes and a fairy-tale, but wholly real,‘Tram of Wishes’!
Evpatorians pay special attention to their culture. It is revealing that in the city central square, near the City Council, the town library is located as well as one of best theaters in Crimea, Pushkin Theater. But this not the only theater in the city. The doors fly open with welcome at the Children’s Theater ‘Golden Key’; spectators can only be enchanted by the ‘high’ art of the theater ‘On Stilts,’ and locals and guests of the town enjoy the performances of the only marionette theater in Ukraine!
The mayor of Evpatoria at the beginning of the twentieth century, S. Duvan, decided it was necessary to create comforts and amusements for visitors in the form of clubs, hotels and covered markets. Today the city already has a developed infrastructure for relaxation so there are no problems finding entertainment in Evpatoria. Impressive numbers of Cafes, restaurants and city attractions operate in the resort area in summer. In addition, there are billiard tables, discos and a number of game machines and attractions. Evpatoria offers motorboat trips, delta plane flights, scuba-diving and horseback rides – anything that the soul could desire. Guests from abroad compare our esplanade with those in the resorts of Spain or France.
Native celebrities and stars from other countries never miss our beloved city. It is said that there is never a day without a show or celebration.
A new project presented itself in the summer of 2001. The Solnichko recreational complex is remarkable, especially the gigantic tent installed on the beach between Evpatoria and Saki - a dance floor for 3,000 where organizers invite the best DJs in the country. Entertainment, the sea, athletic amusements and culinary finds are all here waiting for you.
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