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Boarding House "Almazny"
Youth Camp "Alie Parusa"
Sanitarium "Brigantina"
Boarding House "Burevestnik"
Youth Camp Gagarin
Youth Sanitarium "Druzhba"
Sanitarium "Evpatoria"
Boarding House "Zhemchuzhina"
Sanitarium "Zdravnitsa"
Youth Camp "Gold Beach"
Sanitarium "Iskra"
Boarding House "Kosmos"
Sanitarium Krupskaya
Sanitarium "Luchezarny"
Youth Camp-Sanitarium "Luchisty"
Sanitarium R.Luxemburg
Boarding House "Magistral"
Youth Camp "Mayak"
Center "Physicians for Chernobyl"
Youth Sanitarium Center "Merkury"
Ukraine Defence Ministry Youth Clinic
Sanitarium Youth Center "Mriya"
Sanitarium Nagovitsin
Boarding House "Orbita"
Sanitarium "Oren-Krym"
Sanitarium "Orlionok"
Sanitarium "Pervomaysky"
Youth Camp "Pioneer"
Boarding House "Planeta"
Sanitarium "Victory"
Sanitarium "Priboy"
Sanitarium "Primorsky"
Sanitarium "Primorie"
Sanitarium "Prometey"
Sanitarium "Rodina"
Boarding House "Rodnichok"
Youth Camp "Russia"
Youth Sanitarium "Ryabinka"
Sanitarium N.Sacco and B.Vanzetti
Youth Camp "Salut"
Youth Center "Severny"
Youth Sanitarium "Smaragdovy"
Sanitarium "Smena"
Youth Camp "Falcon"
Sanitarium "Solnechny"
Sanitarium 40-let Oktiabra
Boarding House "Stroitel"
Sanitarium "Tavrida"
Sanitarium "Tavria"
Boarding House "Trehgorka"
Boarding House "Troyanda"
Sanitarium "Udarnik"
National Center "Ukraine"
Sanitarium "Femida"
Sanitarium "Chayka"
Youth Center "Chayka"
T.Shevchenko Sanitarium
Sanitarium "Yubileyny"
Youth Camp "Unost"
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Healing Potential
The medicinal mud of Lake Moynaki, thermal springs, mineral water and air imbued with the healing aroma of the grass-scented steppe - all of these things have helped to turn Evpatoria into a first-class climatic and balneal resort.
Today Evpatoria has 67 resort institutions, including 27 sanitariums (20 of which are for children), 10 hotels and boarding houses, hydropathic clinics, two resort polyclinics and the Moynaki Mud Treatment Center. Generally these are located in the central resort region of town, which runs from the city center to Lake Moynaki. The city's sanitariums and hotels specialize in treatment of diseases for people with wheel-chairs, the upper respiratory tract, the peripheral nervous system, genetic diseases, and sterility. A specialty of Evpatorian doctors is the rehabilitation of patients suffering from the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophy. There is also treatment here for diseases of the digestive tract, liver or kidneys. In addition to these major treatments, treatment for dental diseases and cosmetic procedures are always of fered. Many Evpatorian health centers can provide treatment all year long.
The resort's physicians, with their excellent practical knowledge, co-operate closely with scientific institutes, keeping their arsenal for treating patients up to date. A good example of this is the use of dolphins in Evpatoria's own dolphin aquarium for medical-psychological treatments. Many patients have seen a favorable change in their health from their contact with the dolphins.
Formation of the Resort
The development of Evpatoria as a resort began as far back as the 1860's. The swimming here has been compared with that at the French resort of Cannes. No less important was the proximity to Evpatoria of sources of famously curative muds. Thanks to this fact, Evpatoria's development immediately went in a medical direction. In 1874, a military department was founded here to treat problems of the eyes under the name "Eye Sanatorium Center". In 1886, physicians Khodjash and Tsanetsenovsky opened the Moynaki Mud Treatment Center, designed by the architect Bernardacci. Use of Evpatoria's medicinal resources increased with each year that passed. Very quickly the city became the second most important all-Russian resort (after Yalta). In 1905, the climatic "Primorsky Sanitarium" was opened, one of the largest medical institutions in Crimea at the time. And after a few years, the sanitariums "Talassa" and "Gelios" began operating. At this point, the foundations of the city's development as a children's resort were laid. The city had quite a large number of government and private bathing places, several hotels, rooming houses and furnished rooms for rent.
The most successful development of the resort came while the city mayor was a local landowner named S.Duvan. Due to his efforts, a new city of private houses and dachas (cottages) built in the "Modern" style grew in a large empty area in the western part of Evpatoria. Evpatoria acquired one of the best theaters of southern Russia, a library and the luxurious restaurant-cafe Borivazh. The city's main streets were paved and cobblestones were laid. In 1914 the city tram began running and in 1915 Evpatoria was connected to Simferopol by railway. On May 16, 1916 the Tsar's family visited Evpatoria, illustrating the success of the resort.
During the first years of soviet power, all sanitariums, dachas, villas and mansions were nationalized and converted into in medical buildings. Construction of new sanitariums began. The famous physicians A.Shenk, P.Medoviikov, S.Treguboy worked here at this time.
On January 20, 1936, the national government accepted the resolution "Organization of a Model Children's Health Resort in Evpatoria.
On the eve of World War II there were 36 health centers in Evpatoria, half of which specialized in children's issues.
TThe resort's postwar recovery and its continued development returned the status of All-USSR children's health resort to the city. Right now, Evpatoria has been assigned the status of all-Ukraine children's health resort by Presidential Decree.
Your Health and Medicinal Muds
One of the most important elements of the resort is its curative mud. Mud therapy assists in recovery from various ailments and has proven itself for both adults and for children beginning as young as four years old.
Unfortunately, in our day and age very few people are a 100% healthy. Much more frequently than in earlier times, people now have to face diseases of the nervous system, digestive system, paralysis, the thyroid gland and others. In connection with treating these diseases, Evpatoria's health resort factors play an increasing role in the recovery process.
Balneo-therapy can be applied through the use of mud baths, applications and electro-procedures. The curative mud is very successful and while the therapy may have a few contraindications, these are always taken into account by the physicians when prescribing mud therapy. Evpatoria's medical silt mud is efficient at treating those diseases leading to the need for wheel chairs, including scoliosis, problems affecting posture, post fracture recovery and general trauma. Great results have also been seen in using mud procedures for the treatment of diabetes, diseases of the nervous system, childhood cerebral palsy, trauma resulting from the birth process, cardiovascular system problems, skull or brain trauma, particularly in the treatment of children and adolescents. Mud treatment has been completely successful in each of these situations, which is not always possible with conventional medicine.
A balneo-therapy course is particularly useful for women suffering from gynecological diseases, including sterility. Any woman can become a healthy mother if she begins treatment with the medicinal mud early enough. Of course, positive results will not appear immediately, but without fail, health improves after a series of procedures. Evpatorian mud is also effective for the treatment of men suffering from urological diseases.
Respiratory diseases make up the largest category of ailments, faced by both adults and children. A curative mud course reduces respiratory attacks and the disease's frequency in the course of a year, as well as repairing the body's defensive functions. One frequent category of patients is children who have had viral infections up to four or five times a year, whereupon the child is greatly weakened. In these situations mud procedures help restore the body's defensive power and increase physical robustness for the whole year. In addition, the mud and air of the salt lake (an Evpatorian estuary) will help with chronic fatigue syndrome, a new illness on the medical scene.
The mud treatments should be repeated in 8- to 12- month intervals to maintain the healing effects of the procedures. These treatments are taken on a special couch, where patients are under the observation of a doctor who strictly monitors the procedures and takes into account each person's constitution. The full course consists of ten to fifteen procedures which can be done in either a day (for intensity) or in two days in succession with a break on the third day. So the general length of the mud treatment lasts from eighteen to twenty four days. This is enough time to repair the body's damaged functions. In its healing characteristics, Evpatorian mud rivals the mud of the Dead Sea. There is also real development here in the cosmetology field. Evpatorian physicians have mastered old Egyptian methods of mud treatment, resulting in complete recovery.
Evpatoria's possibilities as a medical resort are unlimited. We have complete faith that Evpatoria's physicians can assist in increasing the strength and health of every person who comes here.

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