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Sanitarium "Brigantina"
For many years information about the Republic Children’s Clinical Sanitarium Brigantina was kept confidential because children of high government officials of the Soviet Party were treated here. Because of this, the sanitarium has especially advanced medical-diagnostic equipment.
The sanitarium is located in the beautiful park zone of the ‘Chaika’ south-west resort region stretching along lake Moynaki.
Today, under the Crimean Health Department, the sanitarium accepts children from 7 to 14 years of age, affected by radiation, or heavy metal or other environmental pollution. The most modern diagnostic computer equipment is used for diagnosis and the sanatorium year round offers therapy using the Evpatoria’s climatic factors: mud therapy, medicinal showers and baths, hydro-massage, bathing with sea water and an inhalory using Crimean grasses and essential oils.
For the young guests the sanitarium has a cinema-hall, library, athletic and tennis courts and a children’s soccer stadium.
Those attending during the school year may use the well-equipped school.
The children stay in multiple room buildings with all amenities. In consultation with the administration some adults may stay as leaders of the children’s groups.
Price for treatment and other services per day runs from 53 Hriven.
Address: 31 60 Letia SSSR Street, Evpatoria. Directions: from the train and bus stations take bus 8 or 15 or route taxi to the Chaika stop.