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The City Council of Evpatoria offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for investing in this resort city:
- Land located in the resort areas of the city for constructing motels, hotels, and businesses.
- Oceanarium "Aquamarine" in the "Solnishko" beach region.
- Participation in the construction of apartment buildings.
- As well as different investment projects and programs.

Evpatoria is gaining a status as an international health resort and there is already wide spread interest in investing in the city. This is why we have placed information on this website to assist potential investors to make the right choice for them.

On December 30, 2003, the Evpatoria City Council passed a decision in accordance with the City Council Executive Committee to develop a City Council of Investment Policy and Foreign Economic Relations Department (GU, IP and VES).

1. Realization of government investment policy and its regional direction, securing effective investment in the city economy, developing foreign economic collaboration and integration.
2. Joining Evpatoria in a city network for stable development in Ukraine.
3. Analysis and determination of the basic direction of the city’s investment policy, development of city investment projects, programs and their successful realization.
4. Co-ordination and creation of favorable conditions for implementation of city programs and projects financed by the additional funds received from domestic and foreign investors.
5. Work with different types of enterprises to provide practical assistance in receiving investments from different sources under the investment projects.
6. General work with regional unions, leagues and other public organizations on programs to stimulate the city’s investment climate and develop the city’s investment policy.
7. Assistance in the development of foreign economic relations for city enterprises, cooperate with city product and industry chambers, sister cities and other foreign cities in a plan of improving local goods in these cities’ markets, involving city enterprises in international exhibitions and presentations, assisting in the establishment of direct relations between city enterprises and foreign partners.
8. Present the business and investment possibilities of the city and its various enterprises in business forums, conferences, exhibitions-presentations etc. and the preparation of publicity materials.
9. Organization of work on attracting foreign investments, international credit and international technical assistance to the city economy.
10. Organization of work on attracting foreign subjects of economic activity for joint production and opening of their representative offices on city territory.
11. Forming a city policy on attracting foreign investments with programs to cultivate the development of foreign economic relations and control their implementation.
Provision to Potential Investors on the City Commission on Investment Issues
1. Statement with a declaration of investment volume, spheres of investment, project realization dates.
2. Information about businesses with a list of realized investment projects and items handed over for development.
3. Copy of certification on the registration of enterprises.
4. Copy of references regarding inclusion in the state register of enterprises.
5. Copy of enterprise regulations.
6. Project investment contract.
7. The enlargement of the investment project (including business plan).
8. Notarized copy of financial accounting (Balance sheet, Form-2) for the two most current years.
9. Declaration about volumes and sources of accomplished investment (for the financial body of the city council).